The SoulFisher Ministries (TSM) is dedicated to serving the St. Louis community by educating underprivileged youth and providing valuable reentry programs and resources to woman involved in the criminal justice system. The ENAL staff consistently stands in the gap by providing quality educational support and enrichment opportunities for students, in Riverview School District, who have an incarcerated parent or are performing below grade level expectations. The AGAPE Reentry Program promotes restorative justice for incarcerated women by providing pre and post release reentry services, including supportive housing. With the help of our supporters, donors, and grant funders, TSM can continue to be a major stepping stone, to success, for its clients.

Capital Improvement Goal:


$200,000 to renovate the Upper Level

$200,000 to renovate the Lower Level

$125,000 to beautify the Outside


7267 Natural Bridge Rd. 

St. Louis, MO  63121




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