Educate Now to Achieve Later (ENAL) After-School Tutoring Program


The ENAL program is a school-based tutoring program specifically designed to captivate and improve the academic success of its participating students. ENAL programming currently operates within the Riverview Gardens School District at both Koch Elementary School and Westview Middle School, serving students in grades kindergarten through eighth grade.

 Goals of the ENAL program include:

  • Empower youth to gain self-esteem and the ability to set meaningful goals for their education and career

  • Establish positive adult relationship with the students

  • Engage parents and community agencies in providing the best possible services needed for program success in the program

  • Provide a nourishing meal and safe alternative learning environment during the after-school hours for urban-area youth


The ENAL program model is based on a local university-based after-school program that has had marked success in improving both the test scores and academic attitudes among urban-area youth.  University of Missouri – St. Louis’s after-school Bridge program was founded in 1986.  Since its inception, the program remains one of the most successful and widely emulated models, providing unique and comprehensive year-round pre-collegiate programming for underserved high school students and parents. Student participants represent public and private high school institutions throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area.  Each Bridge Program component is designed to: Encourage students to complete high school and pursue post-secondary attainment and promote the development of strong academic, personal, interpersonal and professional skills.


Adult General Academic Program of Education (AGAPE)

Pre and Post Release Program


Studies show there are nearly 33,000 adult inmates in prison in the state of Missouri, approximately 2,500 in one of St. Louis City’s or St. Louis County’s jails, and 68,000 currently on probation or parole. The SoulFisher Ministries provides incarcerated men and women the opportunity to participate in an alternative learning program through quality and compassionate classroom educational instruction. Life skills, goal setting, relationship restoration, restorative justice opportunities, and access to transitional housing are also available for program participants.


Goals of the AGAPE program include:

  • Providing offenders with educational and functional competencies instrumental in reintegrating into society and regaining control of their lives and families

  • Empowering offenders to gain self-esteem and the ability to set meaningful goals for their education and integration back into society

  • Establishing positive relationships family and community

  • Enhancing public safety by shifting the  organizational culture from a primary focus on risk control to include risk and recidivism reduction through offender change

  • Identifying barriers to successful re-entry and engage collaboration of key stakeholders and representatives in the community

  • Developing a method of monitoring, evaluating and updating The SoulFisher Ministries’ re-entry knowledge and processes


The AGAPE program model is based on a combination of successful educational and re-entry programs currently in place. The educational program is based on the Adult Continuing Education program currently being implemented by the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP).  BOP’s Office of Research has found that offender participation in educational programming leads to a 16 percent reduction in recidivism. The functionality components of the AGAPE program are based on a combination of individual components offered by The Center for Women in Transition, Queen of Peace, and Area Resources for Community and Human Services (ARCHS). The SoulFisher Ministries seeks to offer combined services through one program, the AGAPE program. Each AGAPE program component is designed to prepare program participants to pursue post-secondary attainment upon release, and promote the development of strong personal, interpersonal and professional skills. Missouri Department of Corrections currently recognizes The SoulFisher Ministries and its AGAPE Program as a Reentry Partner.



Fisher Transitional Living for Women is a Faith-based transitional housing program committed to assisting and empowering women for successful reintegration into their family and the community. This is accomplished through providing self-management, home-management, money-management, goal setting, budgeting, and employment assistance. Fisher Transitional Living for Women offers free, mandatory educational opportunities for those lacking a high school diploma or GED. Individual, family, and housing counseling are available and highly recommended for all women. If a woman has a substance abuse problem, she will be required to attend outpatient treatment and subsequent substance abuse meetings. Women participating in Fisher Transitional Living for Women program are also be subject to random urinalyses. Psychological and/or psychiatric counseling is also available through referral.

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