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100% of your gift will go toward, Arissa Ford-Jones' college fund to help her graduate debt-free as she pursues her degree in Music.

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Congratulations to Arissa Ford on graduating from Riverview Gardens Highschool with a 4.4 GPA. Arissa is one of the first students to complete The SoulFisher Ministries' Educate Now to Achieve Later (ENAL) Program. Her leadership capabilities, excellent academic record, and beautiful singing voice have caught the attention of many. She is excited to join the University of Missouri-St. Louis' Music/Business degree program to continue pursuing her career in music.

“I thank God for giving me this opportunity. I am beyond blessed to have so many wonderful people helping me with my financial needs for school. Though it’s kind of scary, I’m really excited to go to college in the fall,” said Arissa.

"Not only did Ms. Fisher help me to get a better understanding with my academics, she also taught me about life. She taught to be a leader and work hard for what I want in life. She pushed me to keep singing and doing music whenever I felt like I wanted to quit. She gave me the opportunity to work my way up to becoming an employee.  I am so blessed and honored to be one of the first kids in The SoulFisher Ministries program."

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